Scotch + Chocolate

You love Scotch. You love chocolate.

So do we.

Let’s create a perfect Scotch Whisky and Chocolate pairing together.

If you have not yet tried this combination, you will be pleasantly surprised. Some of the more interestign types of chocolate such as Chili Chocolate or even Bacon Chocolate add an inteteresting dimension.

For folks who are not yet Scotch lovers, a scotch and chocolate pairing is a great way to explore what type of whisky you might like.

To your right is a sample chocolate and whisky pairing that worked out really well. Generally we try to start the pairing with something more on the soft side and progress to a more peaty type of scotch to give our guests a great range of types of scotch whisky and flavor profiles.

Let’s get started on your Scotch and Chocolate Pairing event. Contact to get started today.

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