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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Jeremy Darrah says:

    Please put me on your mailing list! I don’t know how I never heard of you guys! I’m a regular at Cask and am a huge fan of whiskies like AD Rattray Inipendant Bottlings at cask strength, I am a fan of the Islay Malts as well.


    ps: my lady does organize stuff for USGBC and stuff , I don’t see why they can’t do their next event there ;-)

    • admin says:

      Hi Jeremy- done! Be sure to like us on facebook: for up to date status and events. Which are your favorite Islay Malts? And please do put us in touch with your sweetheart. A USBGC event sounds incredible, and if she’s interested, we have an upcoming women’s only event in San Francisco. Have her email for a private invitation and spread the word! So nice to meet you both, Carin

  2. May Yip says:

    Please add me to your mailing list! I’m a recent SF transplant and love a good single malt. I’ve noticed that a lot of bars/restaurants here love their mixes, doodads and fruity whatnots. Just give this gal a 16yo Madurra and I’m happy.

  3. Melinda Gee says:

    Scotch…What’s not 2 luv?

    • Femke says:

      Bunnahabhain(good luck on trying to prcounnoe it) is actually one of my favorites and the 18 yr old bottle is what I served at the head table in my wedding. I hope to make it over to their distillery this year. Thanks for the wonderful update. It is always a pleasure to read.

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