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Last month Whisky Archive helped Compass Box Whisky create an event in San Francisco for International Women’s Day to raise funds for the Women’s Initiative, a local San Francisco-based charity that gives low-income high-potential women the tools and support they need to start and run their own businesses.  The event was also hosted by LUPEC-SF (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) who created delicious cocktails using Great King Street and was hosted at the Barbary Coast Conservatory of the American Cocktail. All proceeds benefited the charity and there were over 100 people in attendance.

I’ve become a huge fan of Women’s Initiative, LUPEC, Boothby and I faithfully remain a very avid fan of Compass Box Whisky. It’s wonderful that they support women’s charities in this manner. The event was also held on the same day in New York, London, and Beijing.  Photos included.






WHAT:   In honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) a worldwide celebration held on March 8th, 2012 to recognize the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future, award-winning boutique Scotch whiskymaker, Compass Box Whisky Co. ( – renowned for its fresh and innovative approach to this once staid category –  along with the San Francisco Chapter of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC),The Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail (BCCAC) and Whisky Archive (, present “Whisky & Women Unite” – a cocktail party to benefit Women’s Initiative for Self Employment which helps low-income women start their own businesses.

A cocktail party open to the public will be held at The Boothby Center for  The Beverage Arts.  Admission is $5 and  tickets can be purchased in advance at  All cocktails are $8 each, with all proceeds donated to Women’s Initiative. 

Compass Box will also host International Women’s Day events on March 8th in New York City, London, and Beijing.


WHO:   Dedicated to protecting endangered cocktails, LUPEC also strives to present opportunities for personal and professional growth via educational programming and networking opportunities as well as job placement. LUPEC places great emphasis on charitable giving and the group’s members donate time, expertise, and sometimes money to raising funds for other charitable organizations that focus on women’s issues.

An All-Star Line-up of LUPEC ladies will be shaking and stirring for charity:  Nicole Beyries (ACME Bar, Berkeley); Yael Amyra (Boothby/Acme, SF); Vita Simone (Bar Dogwood & The New Easy, Oakland); Melissa Boyd (Beretta, SF); Kimberly Rosselle (Flora, Oakland); Summer Jane Bell (The New Easy); Diana Krell (Hotsy Totsy, Albany); Aurora Siegel (Lafitte, SF); Jenn Akrill (Rye, SF), among others.

The ladies will create tasty springtime twists on Scotch whisky classics and completely original drinks – all made with Compass Box’s newest addition, Great King Street – Artist’s Blend, a craft Blended Scotch Whisky that has a signature elegance and approachability for whisky enthusiasts and novices alike.

WHEN:  Thursday, March 8th, 2012.  OPEN TO PUBLIC:  6:00pm-8:30pm.

WHERE:   The Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts, 1161 Mission St, Suite 120, San Francisco, CA

MEDIA AVAILABITY:   LUPEC Mixologists and Representatives from Compass Box, BCCAC, Women’s Initiative And Whisky Archive , available for interviews.  Cocktail recipes/photos available.

Press Contacts:
Debbie Burke, The Collective PR (NYC-based) or 917.224.1415



International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2012) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present, and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam, and Bulgaria, International Women’s Day is a national holiday.  Suffragettes campaigned for women’s right to vote.  Indeed the word ‘suffragette’ is derived from the word ‘suffrage,’ meaning the right to vote. International Women’s Day honors the work of suffragettes, celebrates women’s success, and reminds us of the inequalities still to be redressed. The first International Women’s Day event was run in 1911 and so 2012 marks its 101st year.


The Compass Box Whisky Co. is a boutique Scotch whiskymaker and craft blender started in 2000 by John Glaser.  Compass Box produces and bottles a range of Scotch whiskies, available in over 25 countries around the world.  A four-time winner of the Whisky Magazine ‘Innovator of the Year’ award, Compass Box is known throughout the whisky world for quality, innovation and passion for great whisky. The Compass Box signature range of whiskies includes Asyla, Oak Cross, The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree and Hedonism.  They also produce limited release whiskies annually, and Orangerie, a Scotch whisky infusion.


Dedicated to protecting endangered cocktails, LUPEC also strives to present opportunities for personal and professional growth via educational programming and networking opportunities as well as job placement (long and short-term event oriented).  Additionally, as a nonprofit organization, LUPEC places great emphasis on charitable giving and the group’s members donate time, expertise, and sometimes money to raising funds for other charitable organizations that focus on women’s issues.



The Barbary Coast Conservancy of the American Cocktail is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation with the purpose of preserving the cultural heritage of saloons and their cocktails in San Francisco, while also preserving California’s culinary philosophy and tradition via special public events, publications and educational seminars. They are the Founders and Operators of San Francisco Cocktail Week, which is approaching its 6th Anniversary in 2012 as the “World’s First Cocktail Week”. Their home is The Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts, an innovative education and event center where they welcome the world to learn about, enjoy and add to the beverage culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Women’s Initiative for Self Employment provides high-potential, low-income women with the training, funding and ongoing support to start their own businesses and become financially self sufficient. The women who go through the program significantly increase their income and assets while launching businesses, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy. Women’s Initiative has five offices and 18 training locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expanding to Chicago and New York.  


Whisky Archive is dedicated to changing the face of Scotch Whisky and spreading the love of scotch with guided whisky tastings. Whisky Archive’s tasting events in San Francisco have included Scotch pairings with chocolates, cheeses, and full dinner menus. We are celebrating the new era and rebirth of interest in the rich, adventurous flavors of this classic drink.

Another amazing Whisky Tasting Event in San Francisco

Excited to report that last night was yet another magical event. Whisky Archive paired up with KC Baker‘s School for the Well Spoken women where 15 women in San Francisco attended a Public Speaking Soiree. Despite unusually cold and rainy weather, everyone made it out to enjoy an evening of laughs, learning and camaraderie. KC led the group through exercises in coming on stage and presenting.

After the speech exercises, ladies were treated to a sampling of 4 whisky tastings by Whisky Archive.

The Public Speaking Soiree is a monthly event and is sold out through March. If you are interested in attending a future event- please “Like” WHisky Archive on Facebook  by visiting and clicking “Like”


San Francisco Public Speaking Soiree on Thursday at 7pm – co-host Whisky Archive

Public Speaking Soiree**************************
Thursday, November 17th
San Francisco, CA
Address provided upon registration



~ Learn practical public speaking + fear mastery principles,
combined with sacred teachings + self-inquiry,
so that you can communicate with a level of
confidence, clarity + grace you never dreamed possible.

~ Meet and network with other SF women movers & shakers.

~ Relax, luxuriate, and plot your world takeover in an elegant, secret chateau atop a fine antiques store in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood.

~ Sample the virtues of top shelf scotch, sponsored by Whisky Archive, as well as wine, fine teas and treats.

Space is limited. Get your tickets in advance here.

$30 in advance. $35 at the door.

Thursday, November 17th
Address provided upon registration

We look forward to celebrating you!

To you and your voice,

KC Baker
Founder, The School for The Well-Spoken Woman


Carin Castillo
Founder, WhiskyArchive

Upcoming Women’s Tasting Event

Proud to announce, another all-women’s Scotch Whisky tasting event in San Francisco. If you are interested or know of any women who might be interested in attending, please email for more details. Event will feature a clothing trunk show, jewelry designs, and live sewing. Wednesday November 9th from 6:30 – 9:30pm. It will be a lot of fun and give you the opportunity to sample a few scotch whiskies and learn about this amazing spirit. Bring your girlfriends and make a night out of it.

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Celebrate The Macallan Tasting Event

Last night I was fortunate to attend the Celebrate the Macallan event for the first time. It was a different setup to other tastings I’ve attended where all of the drams are laid out in front of you and it is a guided tasting. The venue was the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, and we have officially entered the rainy season, so standing outside in the cold rain was something we decided against and headed off for a quick bite to return 15 minutes later and the line was finally moving. Check-in moved along quickly and we were greeted with the 10y Fine Oak- my favorite for the night.

There were roughly 200 guests and what turned me off about the event was that since it was a free event, there was not as much attention paid to the speaker Eden Algie, The Macallan US Ambassador, as he deserved. Very charming, funny and knowledgeable. His love for the company he represents really shines through.

This is my typical gripe with free Scotch Whisky events, there is an element of some people who are ‘moochers’ for free booze and make it difficult for others to really learn with the background noise. Regardless- the presentation was light yet informative with just the right amount of background and history (which is not too much) for the type of event that it was.

In all there were 5 pours. I could be wrong, because again, the noise level from the back of the room made it hard to hear everything.The other whiskies poured were 12 yr, 15yr, 18 yr, and the Macallan 25yr. Also presented was the iceball machine. Video below. And a few “oohs and aaahs” from this Lalique bottle.

The Regency Ballroom 1290 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA

Upcoming SF dates:
Wednesday, 10/5/2011 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Wednesday, 10/5/2011 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Thursday, 10/6/2011 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Thursday, 10/6/2011 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Friday, 10/7/2011 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Friday, 10/7/2011 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm

This Event Is open to everyone as long as your either registered or a guest.


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Just bought my ticket for WhiskyFest in San Francisco. I’m not affiliated with WhisyFest in any way other than that I am a huge fan of this event and I’m really looking forward to some of the Seminars and Speakers. Simon Brooking of Laphroaig is judging a mixology contest. This should be interesting because I’m a bit of a purist and believe it hard to make a delicious cocktail with Scotch Whisky as the base ingredient. I’ve had a few good ones- I can count on one hand. My favorite being the Blood and Sand.

Dr. Bill Lumsden of Glenmorangie will also be speaking- if only I had a clone.

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September 13 Fundraising Event

Scotch Whisky Tasting EventLast week, I had the pleasure of being a part of an inspiring evening, a fundraiser for the X PRIZE Foundation. Menu consisted of 4  Single Malt Scotch Whiskies paired with various chocolates. This event was especially fun to put together for two reasons. One it is a truly amazing cause. For those of you unfamiliar with the X PRIZE Foundation, in a nutshell they inspire innovation through competition. The winners of the first competition (privatizing space travel) went on to sell the license to Virgin Galactic. Current initiatives/competitions include the Google Lunar X Prize to safely land a robot on the moon and the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE in effort to innovate the way oil spills are cleaned up.

The “market research” was especially a joy. Nothing beats sitting at home and tasting various chocolate and scotch selections to come up with the perfect pairing. Hard work, eh? The chili chocolate Spicy Maya Bar by Chuao Chocolatier was a definite crowd pleaser. I chose to pair it with the Glenfarclas 12, a Speyside Scotch Whisky to carry through the lingering spiciness it its full bodied finish.

More on the pairings in another post. Cheers!